FermZilla - 3 Inch Tri-Conical - 600ml Collection Container with (Tri Clover Clamp, End Cap and Seal)


This collection container fits all the FermZilla Tri-Conical with a 3 Inch x 3 Inch Butterfly Valve. No more threads oil removal tools to get this off, simply depressurise and remove the Tri-Clover fitting. We'd recommend placing a towel or upside down frisby to catch some drips.

Brand : Kegland


1 x 600mL Tritan Plastic Collection Container with 3 Inch Tri-Clover Ferrule and 2 x Vertical PCO1881 Carbonation Cap Ports,
1 x KL25799 3 Inch Tri-Clover Clamp (3-Piece)
1 x KL25805 3 Inch Tri-Clover Beaded Silicone Seal
1 x KL27908 3 Inch Tri-Clover Black POK End Cap

170mm High
Tapered from 3 Inch Tri-Clover down to 66mm
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