Yellow RAPT Pill - Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wifi & Bluetooth)


The RAPT Pill allows accurate and precise, true real-time specific gravity and temperature logging and control via wifi/bluetooth integration with the RAPT fermentation chamber (KL15813), RAPT mobile app or RAPT IOT. The RAPT Pill acts as both a real-time gravity testing hydrometer and thermometer allowing instant gravity and temperature measurements and also logging from inside your fermenter during fermentation. The RAPT Pill boasts many advantages over other wireless hydrometers and thermometers including tough design, better ergonomics, sanitary design and less susceptible to error as a result of hops, krausen or CO2 bubbles generated from fermentation. IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure the RAPT Pill is charged for 24 hours before use. This is to ensure that it is fully charged and the battery is callibrated. Once the RAPT Pill is connected via USB-C and connected to wifi, the firmware will automatically update to the current version (if needed). The Pill must be plugged in via USB-C and connected to wifi in order to receive firmware updates.



The RAPT Pill is approximately 37mm x 125mm - compact enought to fit almost anywhere!

What is RAPT?

The RAPT IOT Hub is a free service whereby any RAPT enabled product can both log and store data to the hub where you can conveniently access this data.  The RAPT hub can also allow you to control your devices remotely giving you absolute control of the device irrespective of where you are.  The RAPT portal enables you to make complex temperature profiles that involve different temperature settings over time meaning you can start/run a temp profile giving you a set and forget experience.  The RAPT portal also controls the alert/notification process for you so you can receive email notification in the off instance that something doesn't go to plan.

There is no limit to the number of RAPT devices you can connect the RAPT IOT Hub. This is in contrast to other popular wireless hydrometers where you are limited by the number of hydrometers you can connect to an app.

Please note: The RAPT Pill is fully wifi and Bluetooth capable. At present it can be integrated fully with wifi. Bluetooth integration will be enabled with a later firmware update.

Antenna Update
The RAPT Pill has been designed so you can plug in an optional upgradable external antenna.  With that said we have done a significant amount of optimisation with the printed PCB antennas to improve gain.  This RF laboratory testing and optimisation was completed in late 2021 and was impletement on all PCB board versions 2.0 and above.  Through vigorous testing we have concluded that the on board printed PCB antenna is better than any other external antenna that we have found so far.  So until we find better external antennas we have ceased the sale of these inverior antennas.  If however you would like to experiement with external antenna the boards are fitted with a socket for this.  If you find a particularly good antenna please let us know and we will send it off for testing.  If we find one that is significant better we will also make this available to our customers too.
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